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April 17, 2024

How Gamified NFTs Boosted Attendee Engagement at Binance Blockchain Week 2023

Jonathan Mui

Binance is a company that needs little introduction for those in Web3. As the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance were in the ideal ...


Binance is a company that needs little introduction for those in Web3. As the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance were in the ideal position to gather the world’s most innovative and influential Web3 leaders and entrepreneurs under one roof. From November 8-9, 2023, Binance brought leading Web3 movers and shakers from around the globe to the dynamic city of Istanbul for their Binance Blockchain Week 2023 conference, where attendees experienced  a series of in-depth fireside chats, illuminating keynote speeches, and inspiring workshops that showcased the latest Web3 developments across the industry, as well as the roadmap for the spaces’ future development.


Binance Blockchain Week were seeking a dynamic way to engage conference attendees. Their goal was to encourage attendee participation in various conference activities, drive early attendance, and increase attendee engagement with the Binance brand in both the near and long-term. Being a Web3 company, Binance were aware that NFTs had the potential to fulfill their objectives, and began looking for vendors to develop a solution.

Additionally, Binance Blockchain Week utilized two other technology vendors for separate services, meaning that the solution had to be custom-built to work with the conference’s technical systems.

Moongate’s NFT Engagement System:

Moongate provided and serviced Binance Blockchain Week with a custom-built gamified NFT engagement platform. Moongate’s team even constructed a custom API to integrate with the broader flow and systems of the event.

Attendees received points for completing actions such as checking in early, attending different sessions, visiting booths and sponsors, and completing feedback questionnaires. Once attendees accumulated enough points, they would receive an NFT. Ownership of these NFTs granted attendees real-life benefits, and attendees who continued to accumulate points throughout the course of the conference received higher tier NFTs that unlocked increasingly valuable rewards (including a physical prize!) This system incentivized attendees to constantly and consistently participate in events throughout the duration of Binance Blockchain Week.

Moongate’s solution also included an NFT verification system, enabling the previously mentioned NFTs to be minted and issued/airdropped on the spot. All that attendees had to do to claim an activity NFT was scan a QR code at an activation point or booth, resulting in a seamless and frictionless user experience for both event attendees and booth operators/sponsors.

Gamification = Increased Engagement!

Moongate’s NFT gamification platform led to significant engagement at Binance Blockchain Week, with over 20% of conference attendees actively using the platform. Overall event interaction was increased as users were incentivized to stay, explore, and interact with the conference in its entirety as opposed to only attending a small number of events. The issuance of Binance Blockchain Week 2023 NFTs also opened the door for future attendee engagement as Binance could, for instance, airdrop early bird ticket discounts to holders of these NFTs, thereby extending the customer journey well into the future.

The data collected from Binance Blockchain Week 2023 NFTs also unlocked utility for Binance themselves. As attendee contact information and data was automatically logged when the NFTs were issued, real-time user behavior could be extrapolated from the collected data. This information could then be shared with event sponsors and transformed into potential leads, thereby opening an additional revenue stream for Binance.

Crucially, since Moongate’s NFT minting system supports a wide range of blockchains, it was simple to mint each Binance Blockchain Week NFT on Binance’s native BNB Chain blockchain. In doing so, Binance was able to increase their on-chain activity, onboarding non-native users to their own blockchain in the process.

Moongate and Binance’s partnership at Binance Blockchain Week 2023 was so successful, in fact, that Binance opted to deepen their partnership with Moongate for future events, enlisting Moongate’s assistance in hosting over 1500+ events globally in 2024. (Binance Exec quote goes here: exec’s name, exec’s position at Binance, praised the effectiveness of Moongate’s gamification system at Binance Blockchain Week 2023, commenting “quote goes here.”) For Binance – a global cryptocurrency leader and one of the most recognizable brands in the space – to place their faith and trust in us is a great validation of the strength, reliability, and versatility of Moongate’s platform.

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