April 17, 2024

Feb 2024 Newsletter

Peter Hui

Hello Moongaters, and Happy Lunar New Year!February was a huge month for Moongate as we continued to improve our platform and worked with companies...

Hello Moongaters, and Happy Lunar New Year!

February was a huge month for Moongate as we continued to improve our platform and worked with companies from all over the world to support their events. Before March arrives, we would love to give you all a quick rundown of all we accomplished this month, as well as tease some of the news and developments that we have cooking up in the back.

February Highlights

This month Moongate provided our ticketing and NFT services to multiple events across both the Web3 and cultural spheres, such as our continued support of the 3PM group and their Entertech speaker series.

Amongst our considerable list of clients this month was Token2049, one of Asia’s largest crypto brands, who enlisted us to develop and administer an easter egg campaign for their upcoming Singapore conference in September. Eagle-eyed Token2049 Singapore website visitors were able to notice an easter egg that unlocked an NFT granting 15% off Token2049 SG tickets. The first person to notice the easter egg also claimed a 1/1 NFT and 2 free conference tickets valued at $998.

March Preview

March is looking to be a particularly productive month for us here at Moongate, as we will be supporting a large number of finance and Web3 conferences, such as ETH Argentina Mendoza, Hyfi Conference, ETH Vietnam, and ETH Taipei 2024.

Moongate also entered a partnership with a major Web2 brand for their March event – and it’s one of the biggest brands that we’ve ever worked with 😉 As such we are particularly excited to share that Moongate is a ticket distribution partner for ComplexCon Hong Kong next month, running from March 22-24. ComplexCon HK is hosted by Complex, a leading lifestyle and pop culture company that boasts over 5 million Instagram followers and 6.35 million YouTube subscribers, and attendance at previous installations of ComplexCon has run as high as 60,000+ people. In other words, ComplexCon is one of the world’s premier festivals, and our support of their event marks a major development not only for us here at Moongate, but for the spread of Web3 into wider culture as well. Tickets to all three days of ComplexCon HK will be accompanied by a complimentary POAP to mark the occasion, and are now available for purchase here on Moongate.

Partnerships and Networking

Additionally, we formed new community partnerships with Token2049 Dubai and WOW Summit Hong Kong, enabling us to provide continued value to our community members by offering them discounted tickets to these events. These discounts can be accessed by Moongate Early Supporter NFT holders from their “Benefits” page on the Moongate portal, so if you haven’t already done so, make sure to claim one of our NFTs here.

Product UpdatesOur developers and product team have been working diligently behind-the-scenes to expand the features and capabilities of our platform and services. Most of that work–such as a highly requested email campaign tool–is being fine-tuned and will be released in the near future. This month, the team added support for Delegate v2 wallets, allowing our more security-minded users to use Moongate with total peace of mind.

A Look AheadWe are getting closer and closer to the launch of our new points system! This system will reward both merchants and end users alike for using Moongate. Ticketing your events on our self-serve portal, attending events, and spreading news about Moongate on socials are just some of the ways that users will be able to earn points on our platform. High-scoring users will be able to exchange their points for a host of exclusive rewards in the future. The launch date for this new system is rapidly approaching and we can’t wait to reveal its full details, so make sure you’re following our social channels to be amongst the first to know!

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