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Much more than
"just a membership"

Build a thriving community of brand evangelists through community engagement and unlockable rewards

Boost loyalty

Drive deep engagement and customer loyalty with exclusive, unlockable content and access

Tier-based membership

Issue dynamic memberships with benefits that grow with spending & usage

Enable ownership

Experience a paradigm shift in membership by allowing customers to spend to own and monetize their brand loyalty.

Unlock Partnerships

Easily set up cross-brand partnerships and promotions to expand your customer base instantly.

Identify and
reach core customers
through NFTs

Create page to offer NFT membership and loyalty program for customers to purchase or participate

Fiat and crypto payment

Social and wallet logins

One-click offline redemption

Referral system

Whitelabel solutions

NFT memberships

Enhance the membership and loyalty program experience through gamified NFTs and reward customers for desired actions.

Customised NFT design

Multi-chain support (ETH, MATIC, AVAX, BSC)

Tier-based NFTs

“Phygital” product integration

exclusive benefits

Establish benefits, perks, or access exclusively available to NFT holders. Compatible with internal and external NFT collections to foster cross-ecosystem partnerships.

Token-gated access and benefits

Online and offline use cases

Existing business systems integration

Import existing collections

Whitelabel solutions

two-way communication

Build a tight-knit token-gated community with core customers, enabling two-way interaction between brands and members.

1-to-1 direct chat

Discussion board

Voting on proposals

Content management

Analyze the
community engagement

Monitor real-time campaign performance and engagement across all touchpoints.

CRM capabilities

Dashboard and data analytics

Campaign management

Discount codes tracking

Integrate NFT membership in your


Enhance brand loyalty by offering NFT memberships that provide exclusive rewards, personalized benefits, and early access to new products or services.

Subscription-Based Services

Elevate subscription-based services by introducing NFT memberships that unlock premium features, additional content, and priority customer support.

Fan Clubs and Communities

Museums and art galleries can issue NFT tickets with relevant IPs for visitors, creating collectibles

Content Creators and Artists

Sell individual game tickets or season pass in the form of NFTs to engage with fans throughout the season

Gaming and eSports

Movie theaters, amusement parks, and tourist spots can leverage NFT tickets to enhance visitor experiences

Charitable Organizations

NFT collections that are looking to provide offline benefits to holders, such as holder-only IRL events and token-gated discount and redeemable

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